Personal Locker On Compactor System

Personal Locker On Compactor System

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As a Mumbai based authentic manufacturer and supplier, we are engaged in offering standard quality safeage systems like Personal Locker On Compactor System. The modular structure of this personal locker is designed with front panels, shelves, vertical and rear panels, central partitions and end panels. The cast iron made travel wheel of this Personal Locker On Compactor System has been specially developed for its trouble free transportation purpose. The advanced design of its travel wheel helps to minimize contact between track and wheel. This low contact rate is effective in reducing friction rate of wheel.

  • We have used surface treatment methods like water washing, phosphating, acid cleaning and degreasing to develop this personal locker.
  • The electrostatic powder sprayed finishing of this item protects it against rust.
  • Low contact level of its wheel and track is advantageous for its smooth transportation purpose.
  • Space saving design is one of its special attributes.